“The King of Miami” with Dave Hill – 2007 – HD Net

“America’s Funniest Moms” with Sandra Bernhard – 2005 Nick at Night

“Talk Show Bob” with Bob Balaban and Oliver Platt – 2003 Sundance Channel

“Bash” by Neil Labute. Showtime 2000 Won Banff Int’l TV Festival Grand Jury Award

“Women & Shoes: A love Story” 2000 AMC Classics

“Eating New York” – (Editor / Associate Producer) Pilot

“Weekend USA” – (Producer / Editor) RAI 2, Italy

“U to U” – (Editor) Nickelodeon

“Camelmania” – (Director / Editor) ESPN2

“Camelerotica” – (Producer / Editor) HBO

“StreetBeat” – (Producer / Editor) MTV

“ESPN: The Extreme Games” – (Director / Editor) Intro to the 1st Extreme Games broadcast.

“ESPN2: Lifestyles of the Extreme and Demented” – (Segment Producer/Editor) 4 Half-Hour Segments.

“ESPN2: The Extreme Games Preview” – (Editor) Program introducing The Extreme Games.

“The Singles Network” – (Editor) 2 One hour shows for American Movie Classics

“Silence the Violence”, “Respect: The Real Deal” – (Editor) 2 half-hour Childrens specials on Nickelodeon)

“Muppet Babies” (Editor) Nickelodeon

“Good Housekeeping Learning Series” – (Director / Editor) 6 half hours for Home Video.