A Girl

Far from the Tree

The Aspen Project

Happy Hour

Bada Bing Bada Boom

Slice of Water

The Package

Heavy Put-Away

Mental Hygiene

History of the World in 8 Minutes


“A Girl” (Editor) – Director, Christopher Craig Paterson

“Far From the Tree” (Editor) – Director, David Thomas

“The Aspen Project” (Editor) – Director, Chino Maurice

“Happy Hour” (Editor) – Director, Brian Devine

“Bada Bing Bada Boom” (Editor) – Director,  Fiona Mackenzie

“Slice of Water” (Editor) – Director, Kellie Madison

“The Package” (Editor) – Director, Caskey Ebeling

“Heavy Put-Away” (Writer/Director/Editor) 2006. Producer – G. Mac Brown Fox Searchlight

“Noir” (Director / Editor) 1995 Award Winning Film short, broadcast on A&E Network.

“Mental Hygiene” (Short) Director: Lori Silverbush. Won Grand Jury Prize Deauville 2001

“History of the World in 8 Minutes” (Short) – Director, Loren-Paul Caplin. Screened at the1998 MOMA New Directors Series. 1998