Feature Films

“Night Gardening” (Writer/Director/Editor) – (In Development)
“Ocean Beach” (Co-Writer/Director/Editor) – (Funding) – Black List Script
“Sullivan Street” (Co-Writer/Director/Editor) – (In Development)
“Dirty Weekend” (Producer/Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute (Pre-Production) 2013
“Sins of a Father” (Co-Producer/Editor) – Director, Andrew Piddington 2013
“Some Velvet Morning” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute – Tribeca Films 2013
“Putzel” (Consulting Editor) –Producer, Mary Jane Skalski -2011
“Hellbenders” (Editor) – Director, JT Petty – 2011
“Ghettophysics” (Editor) – Director, Will Arnst 2009/10
“The Last Rites of Ransom Pride” (Editor) – Director, Tiller Russell 2009
“Miss Nobody” (Co-Editor) — Director, Tim Cox 2008
“Un té en La Habana” (Editor) – Director, Fina Torres 2008
“Lakeview Terrace” (Editor)– Director, Neil Labute, ScreenGems 2008
“What We Do Is Secret” (Editor) – Director, Rodger Grossman 2007
“The Wicker Man” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute. Warner Bros. 2006-7
“The Woods” (Editor) – Director, Lucky McKee. MGM/UA. 2005
“The Legend of Lucy Keyes” (Editor) – Director, John Stimpson. Legend Films. IPW Worldwide. 2004
“The Shape of Things” (Editor) – Director, Neil Labute. Focus Features/Working Title Pictures. 2003.
“The Lucky Ones” (Editor) – Director, Loren-Paul Caplin. Emerging Pictures. 2002
“Strange Hearts” (Editor)- Director, Michell Galagher. Gold Circle Films. 2001
“Dancing in September” (Editor) – Director, Reggie Bythewood. HBO 2001.
“Nurse Betty” (Editor) – Director, Neil Labute. 2000
“Your Friends and Neighbors” (Editor) – Director, Neil Labute. Gramercy / Propaganda Films. 1998
“In the Company of Men” (Editor)- Director, Neil Labute. Sony Picture Classics 1997

Feature Documentaries:

“Raisin’ Cain” – (Producer/Editor) — In Production
“Southern Rites” (Editor) – Director, Gillian Laub 2013
“A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake” (Producer/Editor) – Director, Michael Lessac, 2012-13
“Gone” (Editor) – Directors, Gretchen and John Morning, Naked Edge Films – Official
Selection, Tribeca Film Festival 2011
“The Beautiful Game” (Producerl/Editor) – Director, Victor Buehler, BBC Films 2011
“Ghettophysics” (Editor) – Director, Will Arnst 2009
“Meeting Resistance” – (Editor) 2007/8
“Out of the Shadows” – (Co-Producer/Editor) PBS 2006/7
“Inside Rikers Island” – (Co-Producer / Editor) HBO
“Route 66: The Road West” – (Co-Producer / Editor) A&E / NHK Japan
“Our House” – (Editor) RTL, Europe
“San Antonio Rose: The Life and Times of Bob Wills” – (Co-Producer / Editor)
“The Constitution in Crisis” – (Consulting Editor) Bill Moyers, PBS
“The Gift of Life” – (Producer / Editor) Parker Institute, WLIW
“Yeshiva” – (Co-Producer / Editor) Yeshiva University.
“Headwounds” – (Co-Producer / Editor) Oliver Stones Vietnam Educational Project
Consulting Editor
“Knucklehead” (Feature) – Director, Ben Bowman 2012
”The Six Lives of Henry LeFay” (Feature) 20th Century Fox 2009
“The Vicious Kind” 2008 (Feature) – Director, Lee Krieger (Sundance 2009)
“Black Box” (Feature) – Director, Chris Matthews 2007
“American Gun” (Feature) – Director, Alan Jacobs 2001
“13 Moons” (Feature) – Director, Alexandre Rockwell 2001
“Innocents” (Feature) – Director, Gregory Marquette 1999
“Romance Classics” (TV) American Movie Classics
“Through the Wire” – (Feature Documentary) Director, Nina Rosenblum. PBS


“Heavy Put-Away” – (Writer/Director/Editor) 2006. Producer – G. Mac Brown Fox Searchlight
“Noir” – (Director / Editor) 1995 Award Winning Film short, broadcast on A&E Network.
“Mental Hygiene” (Short) Director: Lori Silverbush. Won Grand Jury Prize Deauville 2001
“History of the World in 8 Minutes” (Short) – Director, Loren-Paul Caplin. Screened at the1998 MOMA
New Directors Series. 1998


“Longmire” (Editor) – 3 Episodes for Netflix 2015
“Billy & Billie” (Editor) – 10 Episode Series for DirecTV 2014-15
“Valentino: The making of a Brand” (Editor) 2011
“The King of Miami” (Editor)– HD Net 2007
“America’s Funniest Moms” (Editor) with Sandra Bernhard – Nick at Night 2005
“Talk Show Bob” (Editor) with Bob Balaban and Oliver Platt Sundance Channel – 2003
“Bash” by Neil Labute. Showtime 2000
“Women & Shoes: A love Story” AMC Classics 2000
“Final Act” (Editor) – Director, Pamm Jenkins. Exec. Producer, Danny Glover. IFC 1998
“Undercurrents” (Editor) – Director, Gregory Marquette. 1997
“Eating New York” – (Producer/Editor) The Food Network
“Weekend USA” – (Producer / Editor) RAI 2, Italy
“U to U” – (Editor) Nickelodeon
“Camelmania” – (Director / Editor) ESPN2
“Camelerotica” – (Director / Editor) HBO
“StreetBeat” – (Director / Editor) MTV
“ESPN: The Extreme Games” – (Director / Editor) Intro to the 1st Extreme Games broadcast.
“ESPN2: Lifestyles of the Extreme and Demented” – (Segment Producer/Editor) 4 Half-Hour Segments.
“ESPN2: The Extreme Games Preview” – (Editor) Program introducing The Extreme Games.
“The Singles Network” – (Editor) 2 One hour shows for American Movie Classics
“Silence the Violence”, “Respect: The Real Deal” – (Editor) 2 half-hour Childrens specials on
“Muppet Babies” (Editor) Nickelodeon
“Good Housekeeping Learning Series” – (Director / Editor) 6 half hours for Home Video.


General Electric, Dannon “Activia”, Nissan 380Z Europe, Marshalls, Nintendo, Ford-Thunderbird, Fandango,
Evergreen Financial, Nike, Airwalk, HBO, Lucent Technologies, Harley Davidson Motorcycles,
AXA/Equitable, Motorola, Iceberg Jeans and Fragrance, Toshiba DVD, Today’s, David Letterman
Theatrical Spots and TV Campaign, United Nations 50th Anniversary Campaign, Calvin Klein “Eternity”
Campaign, Heineken, Dow Chemical, Madison Square Garden, Rohm Electronics (Japan), ESPN’s NFL
Gameday, Toshiba Cinema Series, Lifetime Television, Revlon, Score Select Baseball Cards, Modells,
Stepsun Records, Spin Magazine, Franklin Mills, HBO Home Video, Lancome Cosmetics, Springmaid,
Shiseido, Gleasons Gym, Parker Institute (PSA), Golf Digest Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Skiing Magazine,
Volvo, Schering-Plough Corp., Philip Morris, and many, many others.

Trailers / Teasers / Movie Marketing:

Sins of a Father Trailer, A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake Trailer, Southern Rites Trailer, Machine Man
Trailer, War Don Don Trailer, Meeting Resistance Trailer, Gracie Main Title, Hitch TV Campaign, Queer
as Folk Main Title, Walking Tall Main Title, Taking Lives Main Title, Charlie’s Angels Trailer, Hulk TV
Spots, LXG TV Spots, Old School TV Spots, Identity Trailer, Shape of Things Main Title, Blade II Main
Title, Abandon TV Trailer, Unbreakable Teaser, 8mm Teaser, Band of Brothers TV Campaign,
Jeremiah/Showtime TV Spots, Hollowman Trailers, HBO Movies and many others.


“Radioarcade” – (Editor / Sound Designer) Four 1/2 hour Radioplays for National Public Radio