Some Freaks

Dirty Weekend

Sins of a Father

Some Velvet Morning

In the Company of Men – excerpts

Your Friends and Neighbors – excerpts

Nurse Betty – excerpts

Strange Hearts – excerpts

The Shape of Things – excerpts

he Legend of Lucy Keyes – excerpts

The Woods – excerpts

The Wicker Man – excerpts

What We Do Is Secret – excerpts

Lakeview Terrace – excerpts

Habana Eva – excerpts

Last Rites of Ransom Pride – excerpts



“The Happy Worker” (Editor) – Director, Dwayne Dunham (Producer) David Lynch 2020-21

“Entangled” (Editor/Co-Producer) – Milena Lurie 2018

“Pottersville” (Editor/Co-Producer) – Director, Seth Hendrickson 2017

“Desolation” (Editor/Co-Producer) – Director, David Moscow  2016

“Some Freaks” (Co-Editor) – Director, Ian Macdonald 2016

“My Father Die” (Consulting Editor) – Director, Sean Brosnan 2015

“Dirty Weekend” (Producer/Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute  2014

“Sins of a Father” (Co-Producer/Editor) – Director, Andrew Piddington  2013

“Some Velvet Morning” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute – Tribeca Films 2013

 “Putzel” (Consulting Editor) –Producer, Mary Jane Skalski -2011

“Hellbenders” (Editor) –  Director, JT Petty – 2011

“Ghettophysics” (Editor) – Director, Will Arnst 2009/10

“The Last Rites of Ransom Pride” (Editor) – Director, Tiller Russell 2009

“Miss Nobody” (Co-Editor) — Director, Tim Cox  2008

Un té en La Habana” (Editor) – Director, Fina Torres 2008

“Lakeview Terrace” (Editor)– Director, Neil LaBute, Screen Gems 2008

“What We Do Is Secret” (Editor) – Director, Rodger Grossman 2007

“The Wicker Man” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute. Warner Bros. 2006-7

“The Woods” (Editor) – Director, Lucky McKee. MGM/UA. 2005

“The Legend of Lucy Keyes”  (Editor) – Director, John Stimpson. Legend Films. IPW Worldwide. 2004

“The Shape of Things” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute. Focus Features/Working Title Pictures. 2003.

“The Lucky Ones” (Editor) – Director, Loren-Paul Caplin. Emerging Pictures. 2002

Strange Hearts” (Editor)- Director, Michell Galagher. Gold Circle Films. 2001

“Dancing in September” (Editor) – Director, Reggie Bythewood.  HBO 2001.

“Nurse Betty” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute. 2000

“Your Friends and Neighbors” (Editor) – Director, Neil LaBute. Gramercy/Propaganda Films. 1998

“In the Company of Men” (Editor)- Director, Neil LaBute. Sony Picture Classics 1997


“Knucklehead” (Feature) – Director, Ben Bowman 2012

“The Six Lives of Henry LeFay” (Feature) 20th Century Fox 2009

“The Vicious Kind” 2008 (Feature) – Director, Lee Krieger (Sundance 2009)

“Black Box” (Feature) – Director, Chris Matthews 2007

“American Gun” (Feature) – Director, Alan Jacobs 2001

“13 Moons” (Feature) – Director, Alexandre Rockwell 2001

“Innocents” (Feature) – Director, Gregory Marquette 1999

“Romance Classics” (TV) American Movie Classics

“Through the Wire” – (Feature Documentary) Director, Nina Rosenblum. PBS